ClassFlow in the Computer Lab

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This is the new AtivPanel fromPromethean and AXI Education Solutions. This ActivPanel is equipped with ActivConnect. If you're not familiar with ActivConnect, it is a wireless presentation solution that allows you to instantly connect to computers, tablets and smartphones to the display and share screens wirelessly. It connects existing technology, including computers, tablets and smartphones, wirelessly to the monitor. All you do is power on your classroom monitor to view the ActivConnect homepage and instantly connect devices to the monitor to share screens wirelessly. There are no cables or setup required.
It allows for a variety of devices, regardless of the platform or device with similar functions across platforms and enhances collaboration and interactive by allowing multiple users to simultaneously share ideas on the monitor using their personal devices. 

This ActivPanel was placed in a computer lab with Ms. Givens. Ms. Givens is a veteran educator in East Baton Rouge Parish School System. She teaches IBCA (Into to Business Computer Applications) and Career Readiness to high school students. This was her first time having an interactive board in her classroom and she is extremely excited. On the day of this training session I showed her my #ClassFlowLove and gave a demonstration lesson using ClassFlow. 

She was excited to see how easy it would be for students to experience her lessons in a whole new way. She has 28 computers in her classroom so we'll be adjusting her current lessons to be maximized using ClassFlow in their delivery. We'll be collecting data from her students so in future sessions, rather than doing "Ad hoc Sessions" we'll be creating classes for her students in ClassFlow. 

After the overview of ClassFlow, we began to mirror her phone and iPad to the screen. At this point, she was ecstatic that she would no longer have to be tethered to her desktop at the back of the room. She could see how it would maximize her engagement with students by being able to be more mobile in the classroom and attend to student's needs at close range.

She has experimented with the virtual learning and the flipped classroom but she began to brainstorm how ClassFlow assignments might enable her students to take learning beyond the classroom by delivering content that students can access anytime, anywhere.

We referred to some Promethean resources and she saw how she can:
  • Add lessons and assessments to assignments for students to access outside of the classroom.
  • Add comments to assignments to communicate with your students out of the classroom.
She also saw how students can:
  • Refer to lessons and complete assessments at their own pace.
  • Resume lessons and assessments where they left off.
  • Save lessons to their ClassFlow Drive, giving them the option to edit and submit as part of their response.
  • Create their own lessons and submit as part of their response.
  • Add comments to assignments to communicate with their teacher and fellow students. 

Let's get your "ClassFlow-ing"

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ClassFlow is a cloud-based whiteboard software from Promethean. It can also serve as a classroom management suite. It allows teachers to create interactive lessons using classroom peripherals, mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, as well as laptops and Chromebooks. Though it has been around for a while, it is still in early adoption by many and has gone through a recent upgrade release. Teachers can now search thousands of interactive resources or create and deliver their own. ClassFlow is a FREE tool that allows teachers to manage and incentivize student participation.

Here's a quick video overview of ClassFlow:

Get started by signing up for you FREE ClassFlow account at

FREE iOS APPS - 8/3/16

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Here's this week's list of FREE iOS APPS. Please click to download. Feel free to share with your colleagues!


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Here's this week's list of FREE & SALE KINDLE BOOKS. Please click to download. Feel free to share with your colleagues!

THINK Digital Citizenship Poster

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THINK Digital Citizenship Poster
Here is a document that educators can use to inform kids of the need to be aware of what they post online. 
Before they post, they should ask themselves 5 questions:
1. Is it True?
2. Is it Helpful?
3. Is it Inspiring?
4. Is it Necessary?
5. Is it Kind?
As a class, teachers could print this poster and have kids sign it as a pledge or "contract".

THINK Digital Citizenship Poster

Google Updates from ISTE: new tools to help teachers do what they do best

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Bring curriculum to life: introducing the Expeditions app 
Since we launched the beta Expeditions Pioneer Program in September of 2015, more than one million students across 11 countries have taken one of our virtual reality trips. Today, we’re making Expeditions available to everyone. To get started, all teachers need to do is download the Expeditions app onto a set of devices. With more than 200 Expeditions to choose from, students can journey far and wide, learning from immersive new experiences. Our content offering has also grown and now includes Expeditions made by established educational content providers including Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Pearson is beginning work on Expeditions content as well. The app is available today for Android and will be available for iPhones and iPads soon.

Empower student-driven classrooms: Google Cast for Education
Today we’re announcing Google Cast for Education, a free Chrome app that allows students and teachers to share their screens wirelessly from everywhere in the classroom. Cast for Education carries video and audio across complex school networks, has built-in controls for teachers and works with Google Classroom so it’s easy to invite your students. And because the app runs on the teacher’s existing computer, it doesn’t require new hardware. Teachers run the Cast for Education app, and students can share their screens with the existing Cast feature in Chrome. Check out the Cast for Education video.

Accelerate the feedback loop: Quizzes in Google Forms 
Getting feedback early helps students learn and teachers teach. Starting today, Quizzes in Google Forms will allow teachers to auto-grade multiple choice and checkbox questions — so teachers can spend less time grading and more time teaching.

New Voice Access App Allows Users To Control Their Phone With Their Voice

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Voice Access Beta is a new Accessibility Service for Android Users. The feature is designed to allow people who have difficulty manipulating a touch screen due to paralysis, tremor, temporary injury, or other reasons, to control their devices by voice.  

It can prove to be EXTREMELY beneficial to help disabled users who can’t hold their phones, but are able to speak to use their devices. 

SnagIt Chrome End of Life Announcement

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One of my ABSOLUTE favorite Chrome Extension is going away. For those of you who may not be familiar with TechSmith SnagIt for Google Chrome™ you can take screenshots or screen recordings of anything on your screen including your browser, desktop, and applications you have running. TechSmith Snagit for Google Chrome™ will share your screen, so you can share your ideas and insights with anyone you’d like.
TechSmith Snagit for Google Chrome™ is a robust screen recording and screen capture tool that helps you provide better feedback, encourage teamwork, and create images that explain exactly what you mean.

Get the Most out of Your Google Drive™ View, and mark up your captures anywhere, thanks to the integration Snagit for Google Chrome™ has with Google Drive™.

Provide Personalized Feedback
Capture or snag the documents and presentations your students are working on, add feedback, and easily share with your students for review wherever they are.

Enhance with Visuals
Clip images or make quick screencasts to use for presentations, research papers, or handouts. Add text, arrows, or shapes to screenshots to draw attention to exactly what matters.

Keep Everyone in the Loop
Snag a quick screenshot of a paper or project your students are working on, add notes, and send to fellow teachers, parents, or the entire class. Or narrate your comments while recording a screencast and give updates in your own voice.

In mid-June, TechSmith SnagIt for Google Chrome™ will be removed from the Google Chrome Web Store. The extension will continue to work for anyone who has it installed, but if they were to uninstall it, they would not be able to get it back. Support for the Snagit Chrome extension will end on August 31, 2016. You can read more about the retirement of these tools here:

I've been looking at a couple of alternatives to Snagit for Google Chrome and have found two (2):
1. Screencastify is a simple video screen capture software (aka. screencast recorder) for Chrome. It is able to record all screen activity inside a tab, including audio. Just press record and the content of your tab is recorded. So you can easily create a screencast for video tutorials, record presentations etc. It also supports desktop capturing, allowing you to record anything on your screen (not just tabs).

Videos are recorded as webm/vp8 files with ogg vorbis audio and can be saved to disk or uploaded to YouTube or Google Drive with a single click. 

Screencastify does not depend on any external software (like Java, Flash or other plugins). So it also runs on Chromebooks and Chromeboxes.

Video recording happens completely locally. So your recordings are not transferred to any remote system unless you choose to upload them. Your video files are stored on a sandboxed local HTML5 file system managed by Chrome. When choose to store your recordings on Google Drive, they are uploaded to your Google Drive account after recording and removed from local storage. This helps to save local storage space, especially on Chromebooks and allows access your recordings from other devices.

Keyboard shortcuts can be configured in the Options.

The free version allows to record videos that are 10 minutes long. To record longer videos, it can be upgraded to a paid version (see for details).

2. CaptureCast Chrome Screen Recording is a FREE video screen capture extension with no restrictions on the length of your recordings. You can use the screencast recorder to capture your desktop screen, web camera, document camera, and microphone with seamless uploading to YouTube and Vimeo. Record your screen in full motion video to produce screencast (aka screen capture) for video tutorials, video lessons, record presentations, lecture capture etc. CaptureCast can be configured for one click publishing into YouTube or Vimeo creating a quick and simple record and upload work-flow. 


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Here's this week's list of FREE & SALE KINDLE BOOKS. Please click to download. Feel free to share with your colleagues!

FREE iOS APPS - 5/22/16

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Here's this week's list of FREE iOS apps. Please click to download. Feel free to share with your colleagues!

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