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ClassFlow in the Computer Lab

posted Oct 5, 2016, 3:42 AM by Wiley Brazier, V   [ updated Oct 5, 2016, 3:50 AM by myPD 24/7 ]

This is the new AtivPanel fromPromethean and AXI Education Solutions. This ActivPanel is equipped with ActivConnect. If you're not familiar with ActivConnect, it is a wireless presentation solution that allows you to instantly connect to computers, tablets and smartphones to the display and share screens wirelessly. It connects existing technology, including computers, tablets and smartphones, wirelessly to the monitor. All you do is power on your classroom monitor to view the ActivConnect homepage and instantly connect devices to the monitor to share screens wirelessly. There are no cables or setup required.
It allows for a variety of devices, regardless of the platform or device with similar functions across platforms and enhances collaboration and interactive by allowing multiple users to simultaneously share ideas on the monitor using their personal devices. 

This ActivPanel was placed in a computer lab with Ms. Givens. Ms. Givens is a veteran educator in East Baton Rouge Parish School System. She teaches IBCA (Into to Business Computer Applications) and Career Readiness to high school students. This was her first time having an interactive board in her classroom and she is extremely excited. On the day of this training session I showed her my #ClassFlowLove and gave a demonstration lesson using ClassFlow. 

She was excited to see how easy it would be for students to experience her lessons in a whole new way. She has 28 computers in her classroom so we'll be adjusting her current lessons to be maximized using ClassFlow in their delivery. We'll be collecting data from her students so in future sessions, rather than doing "Ad hoc Sessions" we'll be creating classes for her students in ClassFlow. 

After the overview of ClassFlow, we began to mirror her phone and iPad to the screen. At this point, she was ecstatic that she would no longer have to be tethered to her desktop at the back of the room. She could see how it would maximize her engagement with students by being able to be more mobile in the classroom and attend to student's needs at close range.

She has experimented with the virtual learning and the flipped classroom but she began to brainstorm how ClassFlow assignments might enable her students to take learning beyond the classroom by delivering content that students can access anytime, anywhere.

We referred to some Promethean resources and she saw how she can:
  • Add lessons and assessments to assignments for students to access outside of the classroom.
  • Add comments to assignments to communicate with your students out of the classroom.
She also saw how students can:
  • Refer to lessons and complete assessments at their own pace.
  • Resume lessons and assessments where they left off.
  • Save lessons to their ClassFlow Drive, giving them the option to edit and submit as part of their response.
  • Create their own lessons and submit as part of their response.
  • Add comments to assignments to communicate with their teacher and fellow students.