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Record with Read&Write for Google

posted May 5, 2016, 5:50 PM by myPD 24/7
Another way to practice fluency is to have students record their voice when speaking in a world language. There are many tools to do this from simple devices (hand-held voice recorders) to web tools (Google Voice, TwistedWave, Vocaroo) to commercial programs. However, a particularly useful option would be a tool that can record the student’s voice and insert it into a Google Doc for easy review and possible grading.

One tool for this would be Read&Write for Google which includes a “Voice Note” feature for recording and inserting your speech into a Doc. Another option to consider would be the Kaizena web app.

In either case, the teacher could use Google Classroom to push out Google Docs to their students with pre-written sentences to practice. The students could then use Read&Write or Kaizena to record their voices reading each phrase or sentence aloud. Because the Docs were distributed through Classroom, the teacher would have access rights to open the students’ Docs and play 
back the student recording to review their fluency.

Below are directions for how to do this with Read&Write:
  • Install the Read&Write for Google extension for Chrome: Chrome Web Store link
  • Open a Google Document as normal (as distributed through Classroom for example).
  • Highlight the text you wish to leave a Voice Note for (that is, the text you will be speaking for the recording).
  • From the Read&Write toolbar click the Voice Note button.
  • From the drop-down tool click the microphone button to begin recording. Note: You can record for up to 1 minute at a time.
  • When done recording, click the stop button, then click the “Insert” button to add the recording as a comment in the document.